Meeting Kelly

Last Thursday I got to meet Kelly Sauer of Kelly Sauer Ltd. Co. Real Life, Fine Art and The Girl in the White Dress. I've long admired Kelly's ability to take amazing self-portraits, and had told her I needed some updated head shots for my websites. Kelly was flying into BWI and suggested we meet up to do a little head shot session. She was coming to Virginia for a weekend of photography sessions and graciously suggested meeting in real life. We met up at Patapsco State Park.

First, a little background. I discovered Kelly's blog through a mutual friend. Before Real Life, Fine Art and The Girl in the White Dress I knew Kelly through her A Restless Heart blog with it's gorgeous pictures and her intimately shared spiritual journey. Kelly is one of the few photographers I know who truly captures emotion, and I don't mean the emotion of her subject, but her own emotions and moods through often near abstract photography. Since that time, Kelly has started her own brand and is talented portrait and wedding photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina. I was a bit shocked to realize we've been following each other for over five years now!

Finding each other at Patapsco State Park proved a comedy of errors. I got there a little late, and then proceeded to find out Kelly was at another entrance 15 minutes away! I'd assumed that if we got directions using the address on the site's main page we'd end up at the same place, but apparently not.

Kelly, however, was very laid back and obliging. I had hauled the kiddos along with me and she found a location with a playground. Josh had been out of town on business since Monday and he came into BWI from Atlanta and met us there, taking charge of the kids so we could go play with light.

Being the subject of my own session was definitely a different experience for me. I have to admit I was nervous! It was very different from our family session where I interacted with my kids and Josh. Instead, it's just me and the camera, trying to figure out where to look and what to do with my hands. It made me consider new ways I can help my own clients comfortably interact with me during a session. Kelly and I also tried to stuff in hours of conversation in-between shots, and we left many  subjects only half explored and discussed. Skype will have to solve that problem.

Kelly, it was so awesome to meet you in person! What a unique experience to become friends through online journals and emails and then finally meet years later already feeling like we know each other so well.