31 Day Veggie Fest

Happy May Day!

To kick off this month our family is going vegetarian for 31 days. For probably about a year Josh has wanted to try something like this, but I kept putting it off. Grocery/meal planning are about my least favorite things to do, so making more work for myself in that department just sounded like a pain.

Last year we bought our poultry from friends in Lancaster who sell pastured poultry. This provided the backbone to our meat-eating diet. This spring, due to various reasons, we were unable to order from them, so we sadly are not going to have their poultry stocking our freezer. Last year, we also participated in a CSA with Rousedale Farm and were more than pleased with the experience. Sadly, they're not offering a CSA program this year, so we signed up with Flying Plow Farm instead. I'm excited to start receiving their veggies towards the end of this month!

Last year I learned to eat vegetables last year I didn't know I'd like: Brussel sprouts, kale, collard greens, beets, and turnips are now some of my favorite veggies. It's not just that I'll eat them if they're put in front of me, but I love them more than the vegetables I've grown up on like beans, corn, carrots, and so forth.

We've been watching and reading lots of food too: Forks Over Knives, Simply Raw, Michael Pollan's books, and Fast Food Nationto name a few. It's just a fact: eating more vegetables is amazingly good for you.

I realized the past several weeks that eating a vegetarian meal once a week or so had slowly taken over more days in my meal planning. Actually, without even planning on it, we were only eating about two meals a week with meat in it anyway. Also, my desire to eat meat has been diminishing as well. That and I can't actually even eat as much meat as I used to. I used to be able to put away a whole chicken breast along with two sides for dinner. Now, it's more like a half or a third.

So, all of these circumstances converged and making it the perfect time to try going vegetarian for 31 days.

I've pulled out a bunch of vegetarian cookbooks from the library, my standard fave being Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Sawnson (her blog is here.) Funny thing is, when I first checked this book out of the library a year or so ago, there were only a couple of recipes I thought looked "good" and would have made. Now, most of the recipes look/sound good to me. Shows that my tastes are definitely changing . . . for the better.

I'm sharing all of this because I want accountability, so I might as well make it public! Also, I want to "journal" the experience with my readers and share delicious recipes I discover along the way.

Also, I need help! Got any delicious vegetarian recipes you've tried? Send them my way! Post links to the recipes or your own blog posts in the comments section. Let the veggie fest begin!