Celebrate 22 Years

Last Sunday my church had a special event to honor our senior pastor's 22 years of ministry. He will continue being on staff at our church, but is no longer the senior pastor. So a surprise Sunday was planned to celebrate our pastor, Jim, and his wife Daryl's service and sacrifice over the past many years to our church.

I photographed the event, along with another photographer, Jennilyn. The challenge for me in shooting this event was the lack of good lighting. However, despite this challenge, I was happy with the end result.

Below is a collage of photographs depicting various scenes from the past 22 years of church life. Above are cards made by the children of the church displayed on hallway walls.

(Left) The founding pastor of our church, back for the special occasion. (Right) My fellow photographer, Jennilyn. (Above and below) A most surprising moment during the morning service was a flash mob singing "God is Good."

Parodies were sung . . . Stories shared. A special song was written for the occasion and sung by Steve and Vikki Cook. (Below) A special photo book was created with letters and pictures from all the members of the church. The service was officially closed with congregational singing led by my favorite (and the most handsome) music leader ever--my husband. :) Jim and Daryl are originally natives of New Orleans, so it was appropriate that the food was New Orleans-inspired. Yum.

What a way to celebrate 22 years!