Eyes to See the Wonder

"Sunrise, sunset with no eyes to see it Garnets and rubies ground up in the sand Words from my children with no ears to hear it Where is the wonder?

New tender mercies and infinite graces Woven like threads in the cloth of my days Deep wells of glory behind common faces Where is the wonder, where is the wonder?"

-Sara Groves, "Precious Again" from the album, Invisible Empires

Sophia saw the daffodils and squealed with delight, running over to them and pointing. It's her first spring really interacting with the world around her now that she can walk. The boys are excited too. They pick handfuls of the yellow flowers and bring them to me: "We have something for you, Mama." The stems are usually too short for putting in a vase. I show them that the flowers need stems to drink water and stay alive for a while if I put them in a vase.

Motherhood offers up a gift to see the wonder again. To see the things I'd miss. To see the things I take for granted. The hazy pink mist of budding trees. The purple crocus and yellow daffodils. The airplanes jetting across the sky. The dogs people walk--which creates great excitement for my children.

Motherhood is the chance to see everyday beauty and "infinite graces" through the eyes of wonder.