Multitude Monday | Everyday Graces


Another week of thanks . . .

583. Two days filled with lots of outside playtime. 584. Time to blog. 585. Duncan and Owen holding hands with Sophia on a walk. 586. A quiet evening to fold laundry and watch a movie. 587. Library day.

588. Afternoon reading and being able to rest when my SI joint pain was chronic. 589. The safe arrival of my friends' baby boy. 590. Figuring out how to create a custom Twitter background. 591. Income to provide for our needs. 592. Crockpot dinner and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

593. Tax paperwork done. 594. A quick visit with Josh's grandparents. 595. Freshly applied nail polish. 596. Sophia sword fighting with the boys. 597. The way Sophia adores her babydoll.

596. Morning worship and a great sermon series on Nehemiah. 597. A Sunday morning "interview" series our pastor is doing with various members and highlighting outreach opportunities. 598. Afternoon lunch with new friends. 599. Helping the boys pick out undies and socks to give to kids in need at a local elementary school. 600. Writing to Beverly, the child I sponsor through Compassion who will soon be graduating!!