Multitude Monday | New Gifts for a New Year


Wow, I've not posted a Multitude Monday post since before Christmas! Time to get back on track with counting my blessings. Well, I've been counting all the while, but not sharing them much. The picture above is from Christmas and makes me laugh. I thought it was an appropriate way to kick off counting my gifts this new year . . .

544. Homemade cinnamon buns.

545. Family pictures from our autumn session finally framed and hung.

546. Homemade pizza dough.

547. Earlier mornings alone with God. Thankful to find getting up earlier not as hard as it seemed.

548. A walk outside by myself.

549. The help of a friend to fix my knitting.

550. Despite not having a washer for a month, the kindness our neighbor to let me use hers!

551. That the washer was finally fixed! Never so happy to do laundry in my own home.

552. Finger painting, collage making, and play doh time to make the cold winter days fun for the boys.

553. Marble run fun.

554. Being able to order gifts online.

555. A delicious and hearty chicken recipe to eat and freeze for later too.

556. Outside playtime on a warm 60 degree day.

557. Lots of green smoothies last week. Almost everyday! Tried a new recipe too.

558. Revamping of photography business underway: updated my client contract, new questionnaire, start on redesign of the logo.

559. Everything running smoothly while Josh was away on a business trip.

560. That Josh came home safely.

561. Insurance to go to the dentist and get teeth cleaned and friends who will babysit the kids for me so I can go.

562. Extra finances to finally purchase a new couch and bookshelf from Ikea. That the old one found a new home.

563. Celebrating the pregnancy and soon-to-be-birth of a baby boy with a friend at her shower on Saturday.

564. Seeing Jesus more clearly in the Old Testament. Noticing even more how every story points to Him.