New Goals for a New Year

All over blogosphere people are writing about their new year goals. I wasn't going to join in, however, a couple of people have asked me what mine are, so what the heck!

Goal writing has been something I've done since a teenager, because I tend towards being what Emily Freeman calls a "good girl."

First, a recap on last year's goals . . .

Focus on memorizing large portions of scripture: See article below for more on that.

Spend one-week finishing decorating projects: Done. You got to see the result in this post.

Write a book proposal on With Child: Meditations on the Meaning of Motherhood and/or Brown Eyes: I picked Brown Eyes and polished it and sent it to various publishers and agents. Nothing developed as far as that goes and I'm going tow work on developing more books to create a series and try again (see below, it's a goal for this year).

Continue growing in technical and creative aspects of photography and pursue developing my business: Last year was my best year thus far for Danielle Jones Photography. I focused on growing my sales and offering more products.

Do a “Our Life” series posting one photo a week: This didn't even get off the ground. Didn't happen, unless you want to count an occasional post joining in with Soule Mama's This Moment.

Finish 2010 Blurb Book: Done.

Date nights once a month with Josh and each of the boys: Not really. Sporadic at best.

Start a regular workout routine: Not so much. This has never been much of problem for me until having Sophia. But having a hard time this time around getting anything more than once a week, at the most.

Have boys finish learning numbers 1-20, alphabet, and portions of scripture: We've been pretty faithful in this area, starting a new routine this past fall to helped in this area.

So now onto this year. Drum roll please . . . .

2012 New Year Goals:

  • Continue memorizing large portions of scripture (Just want to remind myself to keep doing what I've been doing).
  • Writing goal: write a blog post once a week.
  • Revamp backend of photography process: website, blog, Lightroom presets to speed up processing, credit card payments on website (goal for January).
  • Revamp visual branding of Danielle Jones Photography (goal for January).
  • Writing goal: publish something in Thriving Family broadening my article writing venues.
  • Writing goal: write two more children’s book to add to Brown Eyes to create a series (Summer Project).
  • Create more one-on-one time with each of the boys.
  • Start a regular workout routine, 2x a week.

So that's it. I've already set things in place on my calendar to start meeting some of these goals. My main focus will be the photography goals for this month and exercising twice a week.

How about you? Do you set yearly or monthly goals? What are they and how do you decide to put them into place?