Fighting Colds | Multitude Monday

We've been fighting colds around here this week but there's still lots to be thankful for. Two weeks worth, actually.

501. Finishing an intriguing audio book: The Violets of March.

502. Being able to help a friend out by babysitting. I was thankful to return the favor when she's babysat so many times for me!

503. Corn maze fun!

504. Insightful conversation and discussion of the book of James in our small group through church.

505. Catching up with Lib and Isabel.

506. A shopping trip with my mom and Sophia. New clothes for Sophia bought by my mom. Hitting a huge sale at Gymboree.

507. Helping my mom get what she needed at Ikea.

508. Josh accomplishing more work on our basement: the project of the winter!

509. A sermon reminder to store up treasure in heaven, not just earth. Also, reminded that wealth can make us blind to the needs of others. This thought was reinforced by this post at A Holy Experience and this quote: "That is the insidious danger of wealth . . .  makes you blind. Blind to the hungry Christ and the thirsty Christ and the suffering Christ in humanity. Affluence can anesthetize you to God and belongings can blind you to Christ and isn’t this why it’s hard for the rich to enter heaven – blind and visionless to Christ?"

510. My sister being willing to babysit so we could have an enjoyable meal at a restaurant in honor of Josh's grandmother's 80th birthday. Sadly, though, I got food poisoning from the meal. :(

511. Sophia's love of books and wanting to crawl into my lap, book in hand for me to read.

512. My final photography sessions of the year: a mini session and a senior session.

513. Sandbox playtime.

514. Dentists and good insurance to keep our teeth clean.

515. Yerba Mate "lattes" to sooth my sore throat.

516. Meatballs in the freezer for another meal.

517. Feeding ducks with the kids and a trip to the park.

518. Naps to fight colds.

519. A hilarious "new to me" show I've been enjoying on Hulu called Doc. Martin. It's nice to have something "on call" for when I want to knit.

520. Grace for patience through Sophia's screaming and crying several evenings in a row this week (I think due to her oncoming cold).

521. Freshly made granola.

522. Clean floors and sheets on the bed.

523. Homemade Tomato soup with grilled cheese on a Friday night after a long week.

524. Kids playing in leaf piles.

525. That Jesus resisted temptation perfectly when I don't. Not only is He an example for me to resist temptation, but also did so perfectly in my place. He lived His live for me, doing what I couldn't and can't do. So thankful to be freshly reminded of this through my study using this book.