Fall Feast | Multitude Monday

When a friend and I first read this post, we were inspired. And so began our seasonal supper club.

This weekend it was our turn to host. We rearranged our whole house, swapping the dinning room with the living room.

Josh made his favorite drink, Mississippi Buck, for the occasion. Complete with candied ginger.

I made two ducks with an orange glaze. I was so nervous about them, but they turned out great, thanks to directions by Nigella.

It ended up being a cold and snowy (yes snow in October!) night. Perfect for filling a warm house with friends, lit candles, tasty food, and good conversation and laughs. It also makes it to the top of my thankfulness list this week . . .

494. Friends who love food and conversation as much as we do.

495. Tasting delicious new recipes: puréed cauliflower (so flavorful), sweet potato gratin (garnished with sage, parmesan and bacon), and crème brûlée (with a perfectly crunch sugared topping).

496. A play date with my friend Diana and her two littles earlier in the week.

497. A restful week with no evenings out at all last week. A rarity for us! I felt like I truly got to experience Margin in my life and liked it!

498. The boys being able to spend the night at my mom's and make fun memories baking, reading, and watching movies.

499. Time with just Josh and Sophia on Sunday. A little trip to Panera.

500. For another awesome Sunday sermon and being reminded that the cross is there for hypocrites like me.