Autumn Treasures | Multitude Monday

Autumn feels like it's arrived in full force around here. After weeks of weary rain, the golden sun and the cool breezes are quite welcome. Leaves crunch under foot and carpet the grass with color. Last week I posted one of my favorite autumn images, taken a  year or so ago at the park. This week I'm also posting a fave, taken on lovely October evening at my mom's house. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons to pull out the camera.

I plan on taking this week to share some of my favorite fall recipes. I hope to post one a day. I'm also going to be sharing a very fun fall project to do with the kids. Not only is it fun, it's a project you'll not mind hanging to grace your house too! (Because, you know, not all projects involving the kids ends up cute!)

This week's thankfulness:

464. New shoes for Sophia. And new socks for all the kids, since it's time to start wearing them again.

465. Fresh pastured poultry stocked up in the freezer.

466. That a friend was able to bring my poultry to me from Lancaster, so I wouldn't have to make the drive.

467. Thanks to Josh for cutting all the chickens up for me, so I could do the arranging/bagging, etc.

468. That the boys are competitive, even if it ends in tears and having to talk a lot about being happy when other people win.

469. An invitation design project complete.

470. That the boys are enjoying learning their letter sounds and practicing their handwriting.

471. For nature walks gathering leaves and creating the project I'll share with you later this week.

472. A last-minute pizza/movie get together with good friends!

473. Coffee at Starbucks. Being encouraged as a mother and being able to discuss homeschooling stuff with someone a few steps ahead of me.

474. Jack o'lantern faces.

475. Freshly bathed kids.

476. The first co-op class I led went well (I'm co-teaching). I think. We discussed Poe's Tell-Tale Heart.

477. Spending Sunday afternoon at my mom's while Josh was able to help split and stack firewood for her.

478. For being sanctified with Truth, Faith, God's Word and prayer, and Blood.