Choosing Real | Multitude Monday

Drifting Leaves by Danielle Ayers Jones

Wow, it's been weeks since I've done a Multitude Monday post. I definitely haven't been to blog as regularly as I like. Ever since planning Sophia's birthday we've been busy. Once her birthday was over my free time was busy with processing a photo session and packing for vacation. We spent a week away at the beach in New Jersey then it was back home with lots of more work to do. That session resulted in a huge order to put together, starting home school co-op for the first time, design work, etc.

Strangely, I've found myself feeling like I'm failing in some way, by not being able to find time to post. I found this feeling a little disturbing, actually. My life is full of work I love and meaningful relationships; why let a blog give me a guilt trip? Then, when I heard this director's cut sneak peek over at Sara Groves' website and I found myself identifying with what Sara was sharing. Take a listen and see what you think (it's short).

I'm not going to give up this little space anytime soon. I love expressing myself through the medium of writing and photography and connecting with other through it. And while I want to be a bit more regular in my postings, I'm going to try not to let it bother me when I'm absent. Because that usually means my life is full making memories in the real world instead of posting in a virtual one. And if I have to choose between the two, I want to choose the real one.

Here's some of the memories I've been making and what I'm thankful for . . .

446. Starting a knitting project for Sophia.

447. Sunshine after days and weeks of rain.

448. New Dansko clogs for the fall and winter.

449. $2 Science Center day with the kids and my mom.

450. Lunch with a longtime friend.

451. A family photo session with Megan Russell. Yay! I'd wanted to do this for a long time, but was waiting for our baby girl . . . ;)

452. Josh getting front door restained and painted.

453. A game of Memory with the boys before bed.

454. Being able to visit with a dear friend and helping her unpack in her new home.

455. Creamed collared greens--so tasty--who knew!

456. The first apple crisp of the season.

457. The best ever new bibs for Sophia.

458. Finishing Anna Karenina for the second time for my HS co-op class. Seriously one of the best novels ever! And I'm very excited about the new adaptation of this novel in the works. I hope they do it justice.

459. Summer/winter clothes changed out of all our dressers and closets. A job I am thankful to have over and done with.

460. An evening to enjoy the new Jane Eyre adaptation.

461. Finally getting around to reading on my Kindle.

462. A new Bible study I'm really excited about, Nancy Guthrie's The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis. I love meaty studies like this that make me think. And I'm still using her Book of Hope for days when I'm not doing Genesis.

463. A new whole wheat honey bread recipe from Josh's grandmother.

What are you thankful for this week?