Seashells and Sand

We had our first family vacation in three years a week ago. We went to Ocean City, NJ. We'd never been there before and we enjoyed our time so much. Unfortunately, the kids all got Hand Foot and Mouth disease while we were there. But thankfully, we were still able to still make memories, relax, and get lots of reading done.

The beach was awesome. The sand was as soft as powder and shells were all over the sand waiting to be discovered by little eager hands. The boys loved going on our "night hikes" when we went out after supper to find the shells that had come up in high tide.

We had delicious donuts--made to order while you wait--at Browns on the boardwalk, which we enjoyed while watching the surfers.

The boys were excited to see a Baleen whale jaw at the Cape May Lighthouse.

And we climbed up to the top of the lighthouse, which happens to still be used today.

The Cape May Zoo was another fun adventure.

What is it with Episcopal churches? The architecture is always unique and grounds are often beautiful.
And this was our place for the week. We had an apartment over the main level. It was perfect for us and just a block from the beach!
Can't wait until next year!