After Irene | Multitude Monday #17

Hurricane Irene cancelled the fun plans we had for an enchanted outdoor party for Sophia. Hopefully we can salvage our plans and party this weekend instead. This week, after experiencing a small earthquake, hurricane, and not to mention 1 year with Sophia, we have much to be thankful for!

426. A free Starbucks.

427. Clean windows, french doors, washed down cupboards, and washed down blinds in preparation for Sophia's party.

428. Catching up with a dear friend and hiking in Gunpowder State Park.

429. Babysitting finally booked for a hair appointment.

430. That despite the deep slice Owen's teeth made in his tongue one Saturday evening, he didn't have to go to the doctor and get stitches and it's healing nicely.

431. Seeing The Help with girlfriends on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

432. Beautiful weather for a photo session that had already been rescheduled due to rain once.

433. Our sweet Sophia's first birthday! We love that girl!

434. Awesome books from the library.

435. A impromptu trip to the park.

436. Aunt Bibby's life. A dear lady who was like a second grandmother (and best friend to my dear Nanny) died last week after 95 years. She was able to live independently in her own home until the end. She never forgot a single one of my 33 birthdays and no matter where I lived a card and $20 would always arrive for me. In recent years, this included the birthdays of my children. She was a generous and lovely lady.

437. A rainy day dance party.

438. That the earthquake was "small" and caused little damage.

439. For weather channels and internet that predict bad weather, leaving time to prepare.

440. That we could go to my mom's overnight when the weather was worse. We were worried about the three pines that constantly lose limbs during snowy and icy weather. Thankfully none of them came down.

441. That the power was only out a few hours and the fun we had making biscuits and gravy on the grill!

442. Thankfully, the two large branches that came down from the Maple did no damage to the house. For the neighbor that came and helped Josh clear it out and took the logs away for his wood stove. That the boys happily worked with Josh to help pile up logs and worked together to do so.

443. Seven quarts of green beans in the freezer, thanks mom! Also lots of freshly pulled sweet corn--enough to share with neighbors.

444. Seeing an absolutely great movie, Get Low. Can't rave about it enough: wonderful acting, writing, cinematography. A story of forgiveness and redemption. Watch it!

445. An inspiring article: Motherhood is Application. So true! Printed it out for future reference . . .