"I am afraid that all the grace that I have got of my comfortable and easy times and happy hours, might almost lie on a penny. But the good that I have received from my sorrows, and pains, and griefs, is altogether incalculable . . . We never have such close dealings with God, as when we are in tribulation . . . There is no cry so good as that which comes from the bottom of the mountains; no prayer half so hearty as that which comes up from the depths of the soul, through deep trials and afflictions. Hence they bring us to God, and we are happier; for that is the way to be happy--to live near God. So that while troubles abound, they drive us to God, and then consolations abound." -Charles Spurgeon Josh shared this quote in an email to some of those who'd been praying for us during this health "scare" and it had proven to be true in his life, especially the past few weeks. Josh met with the general surgeon yesterday who confirmed that he had nothing more than a lipoma (benign soft tissue tumor), and that no further testing/biopsy is needed. We are very grateful to God for this diagnosis, for your prayers, and encouraging words!