Multitude Monday #13

I got off my blogging game last week. It was a crazy week, complete with a trip to Lancaster, PA to pick up my pastured chickens. I also learned how to cut up chickens for freezing. That being said, with missing a week, I have a long list of thankfulness . . .

341. Frozen Peanut Butter pie.

342. David Suchet's (i.e. "Poirot") excellent and engaging reading of The Jesus Storybook Bible. To mix things up we're listening to the audio version before bedtime.

343. My favorite stir-fry.

344. Taking all three kids to the grocery store for the first time. Yes, it really did take me 10 months to do that. And it went well!

345. Blessing an expectant mother with our exersaucer, now that we're done with it.

346. Coming to a Mason Jar stash--thanks Briana!

347. Peach and Blueberry crisp and good conversation with friends.

348. Sophia's ever-pleasant attitude and flexibility.

349. The boys playing in our wading pool.

350. New library books.

351. Norwex cloths.

352. Josh's construction skills and work ethic. He's working even now, as I write, on the 4th of July. He's almost done all the finishing on our front porch done, is working getting our basement "finished," and is fixing up our red shed so that it matches our house. It will be so cute when he's done!

353. Josh's desire to give the boys a hard work ethic by example and instruction. The fact that the boys were helpful to Josh while he fixed the shed roof by handing him shingles and learning how to nail with their hammers.

354. Two sets of new nice neighbors. I will never take that for granted!

356. 10 pastured chickens purchased and in the freezer with Josh's help. I hope to never buy chickens from the grocery store again!

357. Audio books.

358. Linen pants on sale for $14 at NY & Co.

359. Tomato Bacon Onion Pie.

360. Friends letting us use their pool for the day.

361. A night out in Little Italy with Josh and friends. Dinner at Amiccis and dessert at Vaccaro's.

362. A free country in which to worship God unharmed.

363. Those both past and present who've lived lives of sacrifice on behalf of such freedom.

(Excuse the rather blurry shots. Baby girl was in my arms and kept trying to swipe the camera away from me.)