Build Like Nehemiah {Ungrind}

Nehemiah angrily paced back and forth in his chambers. The chaos of the day had melted away to nighttime silence, giving him time to think. Earlier in the day he had discovered that Israelites of wealth and position were exacting interest from loans and even enslaving their poorer countrymen!

Nehemiah sighed. Another problem. He'd just gotten everyone back on track with the building of the Jerusalem wall after dealing with the Sanballat and Tobiah situation! At least those enemies -- intent on sabotaging Israel's ability to get the wall rebuilt --were foreign enemies. He knew how to encourage the people to faith in the Lord's protection and how to fight against foreign invasion.

But this circumstance was harder to deal with. He needed time to think, pray, and decipher the wisest approach for dealing with this newest trouble. And if there was one thing Nehemiah had plenty of since returning to Jerusalem, it was trouble!

Have you ever felt like Nehemiah? Weary from never-ending trouble? Or maybe it's not even trouble, just the daily grind that taxes your patience and wears you down?

I sure have.

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