Summer Blessings | Multitude Monday

305. A "new" stroller for Sophia found through Craig's List. She was growing out of her Snap-n-Go, so I was glad to find a great deal on a Bumbleride!

306. Excited that the boys will be doing science, music, and art this fall in a homeschool co-op. And I'll be co-teaching Literature with some wonderful ladies! I'm very excited about the books we've chosen and discussing them with the high school students!

307. Going for a hike on the trail, using the new stroller.

308. Sophia's safety when choking on a leaf she picked up and put in her mouth. Truly a scary few moments!

309. A delicious stir fry recipe, using our CSA ingredients.

310. A fresh sand in the sandbox where the boys love to play.

311. Grilling on hot summer days.

312. Sophia beginning to crawl. My little lady is growing up so fast!

314. Super soakers and water balloons for days filled with humidity and heat.

315. Iced coffee.

316. A visit from Lib + Isabel.

317. Homemade pita bread for this recipe.

318. Duncan + Owen making up songs and singing around the house.

319. A fun family trip to the beach for the day. Seeing the boys race the waves.

320. Seeing and hanging out with lots of family at the annual Jones Family Reunion. Seeing how much fun the boys had with their cousins.