Peonies, Puddles + Stuff | Multitude Monday

I'm back. After staying at my mom's for two weeks while getting our hardwood floors refinished, spending most of last week moving back in, cleaning like crazy, and having our hot water heater go up on us on Memorial Day, I'm excited to have a "normal" week again.

And to get back into blogging. I'm hoping to have a new blogging routine so my posts are more regular. My goal is to publish Multitude Monday posts, some "real" writing from my heart on Wednesdays, and a "This Moment" photo on Fridays. I hope the plan will be workable . . .

Anyway, here's a highlight of what I've been thankful for--not only the past week--but the past several weeks:

279. The scent of peonies.

280. Puddle dancing.

281. A walk in the woods and the delicate beauty of ferns.

282. A visit to Nixon Park.

283. My mom opening her home to us for 2 weeks.

284. Blessings for my mom: a dryer for $50 at a yard sale (she didn't have one), Josh being able to cut her grass for her twice (it takes about 6 hours to cut her grass) and helping to hang a clothes line.

285. Newly refinished hardwood floors! I love them.

286. A visit to Longwood Gardens.

287. A birthday gift of Foxgloves for my garden from my mom.

288. A date to Bonefish Grill for my birthday with Josh.

289. A friend from church willing to install our hot water heater last-minute when the work day was over.

290. A/C window units for muggy days.

291. New toys for the boys for their birthday from family members.

292. Farm fresh strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream.

293. Muggy weather turning into fabulously sunny humid-free weather with cool mornings and evenings.

294. Serving at a homeless shelter for the first time.

295. Blueberry Lemon Pie.

296. Hand-me-down clothes for Sophia.

297. Fresh sand for the sandbox.

298. Eating lots of greens from the garden and our CSA.

299. Play dates at the park.

300. Use of a friend's truck, a truck load of mulch for $10, and getting the keys that got locked inside the truck back out fairly easily.

301. Love and kisses from my kids.

302. Thumderstorms.

303. The freckles across my boys' noses.

304. Friends over for pizza on the deck.