Four | Multitude Monday

261. Fabulous weather, and I mean FABULOUS!

262. Finally developing a consistent routine for book proposal research.

263. Finally doing research for the one thing I've always wanted to do--write a book. Nothing may come of it, but I have to do what I need to do.

264. Josh. Sweet, caring, and loving. So glad he's my best friend!

265. The hole in our floor that's been there for 6 years--repaired!

266. Getting some flowerbeds weeded.

267. My boba for Sophia.

268. Iced coffee.

269. Growth Group last week with wonderful and wise women. Thankful for their prayers and practical encouragement. So thankful for the ministry of the Word through conversation.

270. The beauty of green pears in a cobalt blue bowl.

271. Sophia's constipation finally gone!

272. Taking the boys' to "meet" Diego. Their favorite show second to Wild Kratts. The fun of getting free balloons, bubbles, animal masks and other fun stuff.

273. Spending the evening at the driving range and playing putt putt together in honor of the boys' fourth birthday.

274. A fun trip to a bouncy place, gifts, pizza, cake and ice cream, plus a family movie night, all in celebration of my boys turning 4 years old!

275. That Duncan and Owen arrived four years ago today. That they continue to grow strong and healthy. That they are full of exuberance and joy. That they're creative, curious, and yes, even that they love living on the edge. They're my favorite little men. I really can't believe their baby days are over. And the toddler days too. Their tall and lean preschoolers!

276. First batch of swiss chard from our garden, sautéed with bacon and shallots, thanks to the recommendation of a blog friend.

277. That the two people who stole our neighbor's flat screen TV and computer were apprehended yesterday.

278. That our hardwood floors are getting refinished this week. I am beyond excited! It's going to be a long week and lots of work, but I know it will be worth it in the end.