Weekend Wedding + Other Stuff | Multitude Monday

I've been missing in action here on the blog for a few weeks. With kids sick with fevers and ear infections for 10 days and then a trip to California, my time has been needed else where. But now we're pretty healthy (minus a few sniffles) and we're back from our trip. Time for me to get back into the gratitude routine! I will warn you, this is going to be a long one, because I couldn't resist posting pictures from our trip. 167. Safe travel to and from California. 168. Visiting the Japanese Tea Garden. What a beautiful and serene place!

169. A satisfying and delicious dinner at Range. Complete with chocolate bergamot cake with Earl Gray Tea ice cream. 170. Seeing Lombard Street and Coit Tower. (Pics of Coit Tower and a view from Coit Tower below.)

171. Visiting Fisherman’s Warf, Ghirardelli Square, and getting the famous Irish coffees at Buena Vista Cafe. 172. Lunch at the Ferry Building complete with coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee (best latte ever and the only thing that rivals La Columbe)  and chocolates at Recchiuti. Think melt in your mouth chocolates with flavors like Lavender Vanilla and Kona Coffee. (Me in front of the Ferry building below.) 173. Seeing the Golden Gate bridge again.

174. Beautiful misty drive to Dawn Ranch along California's rugged coast. 175. Being reunited with friends! We'd not been all together since my wedding just over six and a half years ago! 178. Wine tasting at J Winery and Korbel Champagne House.

Sophia wanted in on the action but don't worry, we didn't let her!

179. A dear and beautiful friend's wedding in the apple orchard.

180. Friendships that last the years and can be picked up easily, despite the fact they are long-distant relationships that go months between phone calls.

181. Special time and memories made with just Josh and Sophia.

182. Reuniting with Duncan and Owen--I love those little guys!

183. How the boys are on such a creative track-building phase when it comes to playing with their trains.

184. More playtime outside in the warmer weather.

185. Kissing the back of Sophia's sweet little neck when I lay her down for naps and hearing her giggle.

186. Banana muffins and a stash of new baby food in the freezer.

187. Joel's sermon on 1 Corinthians 13.

188. Free Rita's Italian Ice, and . . .

189. Spring is officially here!