Green Power

Today I made our very first "green" smoothie. In the past I've only made my smoothies with fruit, yogurt, and the like. But I decided to branch out in an effort to get more veggies into myself and the boys. We made Sara Janssen's version from Happy Foody. You can watch her video to see what she puts in it. I hyped the boys up the night before, telling they were going to get a green drink the next morning. They loved it! I was surprised that they actually liked it better than some of the other smoothies I've made them that I would think would be more palatable. They drank all of theirs and tried to steal sips of mine!

The picture above is of our first green smoothie. Sorry it's so lame but it was under fluorescent lights and I was too rushed to try to take it in a more complementary light. As I said it was good, although I think I'll have to play with the amounts. I think mine needed a bit more banana. We used baby spinach as our green, but you can use any greens you'd like. Swiss chard and kale would be very nutrient rich options too.

And, I think I'm going to kill my blender if I start doing this regularly. It took 10 minutes at least to get every thing blended for the four of us and I had to do it in batches. I think I'm lusting after a Vitamix, although I shall try to curb such high dollar thoughts.