My Other Little Man | Multitude Monday

So this is my other little man. And if there's one thing that defines him, it's his exuberance! This week I'm thankful for Owen and all the attributes that make him the way he is.

114. Owen's tender heart. He is quick to forgive others, ask forgiveness, and doesn't hold grudges.

115. His love and exuberance over food.

116. His love of snuggling at night. How he tells me he loves me and takes my face between his hands and strokes my hair.

117. His nightly request to "Pray with me?"

118. When he's having an emotional meltdown, he also asks me to pray with him. The first time he asked me to do this I was staggered and thankful he was perceptive enough realized his need.

119. Owen's love of guitar and copying Josh's every move with his little play guitar.

120. How he wrestles with Duncan and Josh.

121. His love of golf.

122. His new-found love of watching football.

123. His lack of fear (which sometimes causes me to fear!).

124. The way from the very beginning he's loved his baby sister

I'm blessed to be this little man's mama too!