Wall Decor

This past week I set aside time during the boys' naps to work on getting some decorating projects done. I've wanted to finish some of these for a long time. First up, a canvas wrap over Sophia's crib. There's a little story behind it. I planned some weeks ago to purchase a canvas wrap this week. I wanted this image over her bed, and to also use it to show to clients what a canvas wrap would look like. Well, what do you know but two weeks ago, on a Facebook group I'm part of for Maryland women photographers, I got information that would allow me to get a FREE 16x20 canvas wrap from Buckeye Color. Can I tell you how fast I jumped on that? I can't tell you how happy I am with it!

Also, I finally framed a print I absolutely love of the boys when they were about two. It was taken at my mom's in the fall. It's just a frozen moment that speaks to me and seems to have a wistfulness about it.

Also, I was inspired by the Jones Design Company to create my own set of initials in the kids' room over the changing table. I love typography and quotes and incorporating them into my home. Mine are a more colorful version of her classy ones. I used Indesign to create the design and then printed it at Staples. I re-purposed some frames I already had and bought the burlap to use as a background for the initials.

Sorry for all the glare. But that was the only way I could get enough light in the room. Had to choose between glare or flash. That last picture is so you can see the texture of the burlap. Although the idea was simple enough and I love the end result, these were actually very patience testing. The burlap was a bear to work with: wiggly and shedding like crazy. It was hard to keep centered in the frame. I'd think I'd have it and then turn it around and it would be off and have a piece of burlap thread on the white paper behind the glass. I love how they turned out! I'd wanted them in a straight line, but ended up looking better this way since the wall was so large, and the light switch kind of messed it up visually for me. I'm looking for a 3-dimensional object to hang above them. Not totally sure what yet.

I also finally got an unfinished tray painted too. Gotta say, it was productive week and all said and done it only cost a little over $30! Can't beat that!