My Little Man | Multitude Monday

The next three weeks I'm going to be setting aside my Multitude Monday posts to share what I'm thankful for in my children's lives. First up, is my first-born, Duncan.

On Saturday we were able to go out on a little "date," just the two of us. I don't think I've ever taken just one of them to do something like this before. Josh has taken one of them out, but usually the one left behind has cried so much we stopped doing it. But now they're older and can deal with being parted a bit more easily. That said, they hugged and kissed each other profusely before Duncan left with me, each of them saying "I love you" more than once. It warmed my heart to see their unique and precious friendship. Which leads me into the many things I'm thankful for concerning my little man:

104. Thankful for how the boys truly love to be with each other, and are learning to share better each day.

105. How Duncan--with no prompting on my part--thought of many things on Saturday while we were at Target that would make Owen happy when we went home. Things like the new vitamins and sunglasses.

106. Time for just the two of us to be together and share a snack at the Starbucks in Target. To talk about the things he loves, which right now includes sharks and octopi. I asked him why he likes sharks so much and he gave me a one word answer: "Blood." Okaaaaay.

(The boys looking at their shark books from the library.)

107. How he said "Thank you, sir" when handed his vanilla milk and cookies from the man behind the counter.

108. I love how he likes to draw and color.

109. How well he's learning alphabet sounds, along with identifying them.

110. Duncan's tenderness with his sister. Telling her "I love you," kissing her on her head, wanting to hug and hold her.

111. His imagination. How well he plays by himself.

112. Duncan's character qualities of determination, thankfulness, and eye for detail.

113. Duncan's love of morning cuddles and asking me for "Kiss, hug!"

So blessed to be his mom!