Hibernating | Multitude Monday

Josh took the above photo and I love it. I love all the textures and I can almost smell the earth just looking at it. It also seems to represent what I've been doing lately: hibernating. It's been cold and windy. I usually take the boys outside everyday, but it's been so cold I've not wanted to take Sophia out in it, so we only made it out (to play that is) twice last week. I'm also making every attempt not join the legions of people out Christmas shopping. It seems like such a circus out there.

So, I feel like that Amaryllis bulb. Just hibernating until spring. But while I'm here, huddled against the cold, there's much to give thanks for:

81. Winning this awesome Writing Caddy for the kids! An extra gift to go under the tree . . . I never win things but can't say that after this year!

82. Getting a FREE chest freezer! We'd been on the lookout for one on Craig's List for a while. Thanks to Briana for tipping me off to the fact that her neighbors were giving theirs away. We want to start stocking it with grass-fed beef and free range chickens over the next year.

83. Thankful that Josh makes the grocery run on Monday nights so I don't have to attempt to take all three kiddos shopping. Not up for that experience yet! I mean, we've gone shopping, but not grocery shopping.

84. Purchasing most of our Christmas gifts for everyone online. Nothing like pushing some buttons in your pj's, steaming tea in hand vs. fighting the crowds. First package arrived today!

85. My church's annual Christmas Breakfast. Delicious food, fabulous friends and family, music, thought-provoking skit, and beautiful decorations. I look forward to it every year.

86. My mom taking the boys for a sleepover this weekend.

87. Our tree up and lights twinkling on it. Decorations all around. Last year we were unemployed and almost didn't get a tree. It is a reminder that we have so much to be thankful for this year. However, I don't want to forget others who are where we were in terms of job loss last year.

88. Quiet times in the dark early morning.

89. Christmas books to read the kids.

90. A delicious cake.

91. This year many of the novels I read didn't measure up. I'm glad for The Help, which is turning out to be excellent.

92. And is it possible to be grateful for gratitude? I think so. "Gratitude places us in close proximity to Christ, where we experience the fullness of His redeeming power and enjoy the blessing of His presence." Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Choosing Gratitude.