Today, after putting the boys down for their naps, I stretched out my tense, achy limbs with 20 minutes of yoga. Then I padded into the kitchen to heat some milk for a mug of hot chocolate and picked up Sophia from her bassinet. She wasn't asleep yet and looked up at me with her big eyes and smiled. I took her and my mug over to the sofa and lay down, propped up on brown pillows, placing my mug on the near-by coffee table. I cuddled her against my chest. I felt the rise and fall of her breathing, kissed her velvety head, smelled her sweet baby smell. The hum of the heater was soothing. Outside the sky was gray and drops of intermittent rain pitter-pattered down. The room was dark and quiet.

Usually my afternoons are busy with Getting Important Stuff Done. I race to assemble grocery lists and menu plan, process photo sessions, put together photo session orders, blog, work on an article, get dinner started, you get the picture. I'm driven to use the time wisely and quickly. Naptime is a time to kick into high gear.

But not today.

Today I stopped. I savored Sophia's baby-ness. I delighted in her little body nestled against mine. This time is so different, so much sweeter. Less of a struggle. And it's going by so quickly! Last time, time seemed to stand still, to drag those first few months. But the past three months of Sophia's life have flown by despite my trying to capture them.

Today I spent time capturing the moment with all my senses. Because today is the only day I really have, anyway.